2019 Columbus Marathon and Columbus Half Marathon Training

This year, the Columbus marathon is celebrating it's 40th anniversary. It will be held on Sunday, October 20th and benefits Nationwide Children's Hospital. 

5 Methods of Training Available

Guided Self-Coaching With Training Plan 

This option is ideal for those who want a marathon training plan customized for the Columbus marathon, AND access to video guidance, runner-specific strength training routines, video exercise library, private Facebook group, and monthly LIVE Q&A video call. In the video library, we cover topics like endurance fueling and hydration, injury prevention, cross training, pacing strategies, race strategy and more. This is best for those who want to manage their own training, but want some level of support from a private FB community and the ability to get your questions answered during our LIVE monthly Q&A calls. 

1:1 Online Coaching With Customized Training Plan 

This option is ideal for those who want a highly customized training plan with unlimited modifications and training for any race including the Columbus marathon. You will work directly with me via phone and/or email, and have access to all the tools and assets mentioned above, but with the highest level of direct support from me. 

1:1 In-Person Local Coaching   

This option is ideal for those who want to meet for direct in-person coaching.  I offer 2x and 4x per month options on a space available basis. Please inquire if interested in this option, as there are limited spaces. This is everything above PLUS in person sessions.

Private Small Group Coaching  

This option is ideal if you have a few friends and you want to train for your marathon together. We meet at the local track or running trail. I offer a 2x and 4x per month training option.  Please inquire if interested in this option, as there are limited group spaces available. 

Group Club Runs with Coaching  (Coming soon)

This option is ideal if you want to train with our running club (coming soon).  Group runs are held in Lewis Center on the running trail and are perfect for those who want to train with trail support and meet local runners.

Columbus Marathon Training Tips

  • Training for your first marathon can be exciting. If this is your first marathon, I recommend that your primary goal be completion. Completion goals takes a lot of the pressure off training. 
  • I recommend that you allow for 20 weeks to train for your first marathon and be able to run or run/walk 5 miles before starting training. Training duration can be shortened to less than 20 weeks if you have more running base. 
  • I recommend that you have at least one year of running experience before you try the marathon distance.
  • I recommend that you set aside 3-5 days of training depending on skill level and goals. I highly recommend that you can commit to 1 to 2 days of strength training to have the best experience possible. 

This training does not include race fees or registration. To register for the 2019 Columbus Marathon, click here.