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Speed and Sports Conditioning Group Programs For Youth Athletes

For students entering 6th grade through high school who want to improve their:

Speed | Endurance | Quickness | Coordination | Strength | Power | Sportsmanship | Teamwork Skills

We conduct age-appropriate, general sports conditioning workouts that utilize a combination of proven training techniques designed to make your son or daughter move faster, quicker, stronger and with more endurance and coordination. Our group programs are designed to be fun, yet effective at preparing your son or daughter for their upcoming sports season.

This training includes running drills, track workouts, body-weight/core strength exercises, flexibility exercises and speed agility drills that prepare your student for competition. This training is perfect for those preparing for Track, Cross Country, Soccer, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, or any sport that requires speed and endurance.

Small group sessions are best for those who want a more  economical training option yet still maintain a high degree of personal attention due to smaller group sizes. These 60 minute in person sessions are complimented with a group training program that contains simple, easy to follow at-home exercises and drills to be worked on during the week.

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Small Group Youth Performance & Conditioning (Max 7-8 athletes)

Lewis Center / Delaware / Westerville / Powell - 2020 Summer Training Dates:  

All Group training has been suspended due to Covid-19. We are only accepting private 1:1 clients at this time. Please contact us for details

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the training conducted? 

Training for group sessions are conducted outside at a local track and/or along the Orange Township running trail in Lewis Center area. Actual locations will be announced shortly prior to the start of training. 

Can I hire you during my child's sport season? 

Unfortunately, no. I strongly believe that your child's primary sports coach is the best person to coach your son or daughter during their sport season and any required off-season conditioning sessions. I want to ensure that my private coaching does not conflict, or interfere with your child's season. 

Isn't my child's coach responsible for getting my child ready for their season? 

Yes and No. Your child's coach certainly will do this to the best of his/her ability and within the short time they have with them. However, certain physical capabilities like endurance, speed, quickness, and coordination can take several weeks, even months to develop and by then the season is over.  My job is to make sure your child is well conditioned and ready to go by their first practice so that they can focus on their sport-specific skills during their season.

What does a typical group training session look like? 

Group training is limited to 7-8 participants in order to give your son or daughter as much individual attention as possible. Each session starts with a weekly review to talk about the previous week's training and take-home drills and then we will do a few warm up drills. Once properly warmed up,we will get into that week's current exercises and drills that will focus on aspects of strength, speed, agility, coordination and endurance. Finally, we will wrap up with cool down exercises and give our any final instructions for the upcoming week. Each session will be 60 minutes in length.

What is your weather policy? 

I understand that weather can impact outdoor training. We train rain/shine. In the event of severe weather or thunderstorms, excessive heat/humidity, or excessive cold, we will cancel the session. No training will occur if there is lighting in the area (that is not expected to fully clear within 30 minutes) or when it is unsafe to do so due to extreme temperatures.

For group sessions, we will reschedule to the next available rain date. (currently Thursday evenings). If both dates are rained out, we will extend the group session one additional week but we can't control the weather. 

What should we bring to training?

Please come appropriately dressed to run and exercise. A good guide is to dress as if it was 20 degrees warmer. So if it is 50, dress as if it was 70, or wear layers that can be easily removed.  A water bottle (64 ounces or more) is required. On days where it is hot, I will bring additional water for refills, but please bring your marked water bottle and have it with you at all times.  Each participant should wear comfortable running shoes and be appropriately dressed. Clothing may get dirty as we will be doing some exercises that require getting down on the ground. (stretching, strength exercises, etc.)