Regain Fitness 180

Regain Fitness 180 is our premium fitness coaching program for adults who struggle to stay in shape, or want to turn their health around by relying on positive habit change and behaviors that help you regain your health and fitness.

Unlike traditional personal training, we put an added focus on behavior modification and habits. This means you can enjoy the fitness activities you enjoy and learn to establish micro-habits that help you eat healthier without restrictive low carb diets like Whole 30, Keto or feeling like you need to live in a gym.    

By relying on habits over motivation, you will learn to do the right things even when you don't feel like it. You will have more energy and feel like you have control over your health and wellness because you will integrate small, slow changes into your life that stick. This program is perfect for someone who is easing back into fitness, wants to lose weight, or wants to eat healthier or work out more, but struggles to keep going.

We focus on fundamental core behavior categories:


( We figure out what you like to do and we help you do it.)
Running | Walking | Home - based Strength Training | Biking | Hiking | Group Fitness, etc.


( We show you how to eat healthier without restrictive diets or eating bland foods)

Lifestyle Habits

( Sleep, Hydration, De-stressing, Continuous Improvement Mindset, Goal setting)

Weekly or Bi-Monthly Virtual or In-Person Sessions Available

Due to the amount of 1:1 time and care we invest in you, we only set aside a few spots each week for this level of coaching. We offer virtual appointments in the evening, or early mornings only. For in person sessions or to get started, contact us for potential times and openings.