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Private 1:1 Sports and Fitness Conditioning Coaching

For students entering 6th grade through high school who want to improve their:

Speed | Endurance | Quickness | Coordination | Strength | Power | Sportsmanship 

Ever since I coached my daughter's soccer teams through the OYAA, I have had a passion for youth athletics. I grew up playing soccer and football and I know first-hand the benefits that playing sports had on my life. Youth athletes tend to do better academically in school, develop self confidence, and learn life-long team-work skills. As parents, we want the best for our children and certainly want sports to be a positive experience.

If you a parent of a youth, middle school or high school student who is currently in their offseason, and want to give your child an added advantage headed into their upcoming sports season, I can help.

I conduct age-appropriate, general sports conditioning workouts that utilize a combination of training techniques designed to make your student athlete move faster, quicker, stronger and with more endurance and coordination.

This training includes running drills, track workouts, body-weight/core strength exercises, flexibility exercises and speed agility drills that prepare your student for the start of their primary sports season.
During our 1:1 in person sessions, I work with your child on form, function, sportsmanship, team building and most importantly fun! Each athlete is then given a 100% fully customized personal training plan with simple, easy to follow instructions to work on during the days we do not meet.  

Sports conditioning and speed training does not have to be boring or worse, punishment.  My goal is to help your child learn to LOVE the process of preparing for their sports season.  This way, they enter their sports season in shape, ready to go, with a high degree of confidence and highly energized to compete.  

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In Person Local Coaching Packages

Private 1:1 Coaching

Designed for athletes who want the highest level of training customization and personal attention.

These 60 minute in person sessions are complimented with an athlete-specific, customized training program throughout the whole duration of coaching. Additionally, each athlete gets unlimited phone and email access to me throughout the entire coaching engagement for any questions that arise throughout the week.

Note: Results do not happen overnight or with any single session. Speed, endurance, coordination and strength take time to develop. Therefore, I highly recommend that each athlete be able to commit to at least 2-3 months to see significant results. ​

* Discounts available if you have more that one child and want to have them train together. Email me for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sports can this training help with? 

Any sport that requires components of running, endurance, strength, speed, coordination or agility will benefit. Cross Country, Track, Soccer, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, just to name a few. Strength exercises will focus on core, body-weight type exercises that will help with stamina, endurance, core development, injury prevention, speed and explosiveness. All exercises that each athlete can reproduce at home with minimal or no equipment needed.

Where is the training conducted? 

All the training is conducted outside at a local track and/or running trail in the Lewis Center area. Actual locations will be discussed during client on-boarding and location may change to make it easier to meet closer to where you live. Training outside allows us to have more space to conduct drills that more realistically mimic real sports movements. 

For 1:1 coaching, how often do you meet with my child? 

My coaching packages are designed to be used on a session by session basis based on how frequent you want to meet. I highly recommend meeting a minimum of 2 times per month (bi-monthly), preferably 4 (weekly). Meeting frequently ensures that your son or daughter is keeping up with the program and that all exercises are completed with proper form and safety in mind.

Can I hire you during my child's sport season?

Unfortunately, no. I strongly believe that your child's primary sports coach is the best person to coach your son or daughter during their sport season and any required off-season conditioning sessions. I want to ensure that my private coaching does not conflict, or interfere with your child's season. 

Isn't my child's coach responsible for getting my child ready for their season?

Yes and No. Your child's coach certainly will do this to the best of his/her ability and within the short time they have with them. However, certain physical capabilities like endurance, speed, quickness, and coordination can take several weeks, even months to develop and by then the season is over.  My job is to make sure your child is well conditioned and ready to go by their first practice so that they can focus on their sport-specific skills during their season.

What does a typical 1:1 training session look like? (1:1 only)

For 1:1 sessions, training will be unique to your child's needs, current fitness level and goals. Prior to our first session, your child should have a sports related physical by a doctor or qualified healthcare professional to ensure that they are physically able to participate. Additionally, you will have to complete a medical/liability waiver and fitness questionnaire. This questionnaire and waiver, is to be filled out in advance of our first session.  I use this information to help determine your son or daughter's current fitness level and past history of injuries so that I can best customize their training.

During this first session, I will be conducting an in-person evaluation where I will evaluate your son or daughter's current fitness level, abilities, and motivation to train. This will involve getting to know you and your child, conducting some simple drills to test strength, agility, flexibility, coordination and speed and then based on results, I will discuss the next immediate course of action with you and your child.  

After the initial session, future sessions will focus on strength, speed, coordination, agility and endurance drills designed to help your child progress in each of those areas and according to their specific goals. My goal is to motivate and challenge your son or daughter, while providing age-level safe and appropriate training techniques and corrections all within a fun and friendly 60 minute sessions.  At the end of each session, I will prescribe some simple, but highly effective take home exercises and drills that your child can work on during the week until our next scheduled session.

What is your weather policy?

I understand that weather can impact outdoor training. We will train rain/shine. When done safely, outdoor training can be beneficial especially with  access to a track or running trail. In the event of severe weather or thunderstorms, excessive heat/humidity, excessive cold, we will cancel the session. No training will occur if there is lighting in the area that is not expected to clear within 30 minutes) or when it is unsafe to do so due to high heat or humidity.

For 1:1 training, we will rebook to a specific appointment time.

What should we bring to training? 

Please come appropriately dressed to run and exercise. A good guide is to dress as if it was 20 degrees warmer. So if it is 50, dress as if it was 70, or wear layers that can be easily removed.  A water bottle (64 ounces or more) is required. On days where it is hot, I will bring additional water for refills, but please bring your marked water bottle.  Each participant should wear comfortable running shoes and be appropriately dressed. Clothing may get dirty as we will be doing some exercises that require getting down on the ground. (stretching, strength exercises, etc.)

My child can't make a session or will be late, can they make up their session on another day? 

If notice is given at least 24 hours in advance, then the session can be rebooked through the booking platform as space is available. I book clients well out in advance and during busy periods like the Summer my schedule gets full quickly. Any no-show sessions, will be forfeited. Sessions are booked for one hour. If late, we do not extend the session. We just do the best with what is left of the session. If more than 15 minutes late, without notice, I don't hang around and stay. If you are going to be late or miss a session, please let me know.