Online Run Coaching To Run Your Personal Best

How Amazing Would It Feel To Be The Runner You Have Always Wanted To Be?

Our online run coaching program is an affordable coaching option that delivers the same high quality results as our in person sessions. 

We have been training runners online for years and have seen runners just like you crush 5k's, half marathons, marathons and even qualifying for Boston. All while training 100% online using our proven, scientifically-based training approach. You get to train at your convenience, but still have us with you every step of the way. 

We simply meet over Zoom to get more information about your fitness history and future goals, and then we guide you each week with detailed workout instructions and guidance to make your goals happen.  We customize every running program we make and we modify it as needed based on your progress.

Our comprehensive running and strength training programs will help you: 

  • Break through running and fitness plateaus!
  • Run injury free!
  • Run your first 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon or ultra marathon!
  • Lose weight and/or achieve your health and fitness goals!
  •  Qualify for Boston or set new personal records at any distance! Eat
  • Eat healthier, have more energy and stick to healthier habits!

We are more than a training plan!

After coaching hundreds of runners over the past 10 years, we know that successful running requires more than downloading an online training plan or running more miles. 

If you truly want to transform your running, you need:

Science Based Workouts

Science-based workouts that are easy to follow and make best use of your time

Healthy nutrition and lifestyle

Healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits that you can actually stick to and maintain

athletic mindset

A strong athletic mindset that focuses on positive self image, willpower and persistence

strength and mobility training

Strength, flexibility and mobility that helps you perform better and stay injury free

Here is what you get:

online workouts
  • 100% customized and personalized training for your 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon or ultra marathon (beginner to advanced) with weekly check-ins with your certified running coach.
  • Detailed workout instructions so you know the purpose of each workout and how to do them properly. 
  • Access to Final Surge software and/or mobile app to view your plan, upload GPS data, and track your progress.
  • Unlimited modifications so you are always training optimally based on your progress.
  • Ability to contact your coach anytime for questions
strength training for runners
  • Custom built strength training routines built specifically for runners with full video demonstrations. These routines are designed to maximize your performance and help prevent injury.
  • All workouts can be done at home with little to no equipment needed. Some exercises do use light dumbbells or kettlebells, or can be modified to used bodyweight.
  • Dynamic warm up and cool down exercises and stretching exercises are included.
  • Foam rolling exercises are included to help loosen muscles, remove knots and trigger points and help you increase mobility. 
runner nutrition recipes
  • Dozens of simple, runner-friendly recipes developed by dietitians and nutritionists
  • Detailed instructions with calorie and macronutrient listings
  • Complete shopping lists
  • Bar code scannable so you can import them into the MyFitnessPal app which is available in the app store.

Watch this video to learn more about our run coaching program from a client perspective (Note: PaceBuilders is the name of our training program). Carrie is one of my run coaching clients and lives in Northern Georgia.

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We charge a flat rate of $99.00 per month. At checkout you can choose to pay for a single month, or choose monthly for a recurring option for ongoing coaching. If you pay for a single month, you will be invoiced for subsequent months (payable in advance).  There are no contracts and you can quit at any time. Note: we only release training plans in 2 week increments so we recommend that you fully commit for at least 3 months of 1:1 coaching at a minimum. Shortly after signing up, you will receive an email from us with next steps. You should be cleared by a doctor to participate in a physical fitness program and you will be required to sign a health and liability waiver along with a detailed health/fitness questionnaire.