Steve Carmichael - Running Coach

Steve Carmichael
Running Coach
Sports Performance Coach

USA Track and Field - RRCA certified coaches

Hi, Steve here.  

For over 10 years, we have helped hundreds of local athletes achieve their sport and fitness goals through highly customized 1:1 coaching that focus on the individual athlete and their needs.  

We work with youth, middle school, high school and adults regardless of age and experience. We also have experience working with military, police, and fire recruits to prepare for and pass rigorous physical fitness tests.

We do this through a combination of personalized running/cardio drills and strength training, while additionally helping each athlete as needed with injury prevention, self confidence, mental toughness and sound nutrition practices.

Our mission at Run For Performance is to help build a confident athlete while maintaining enjoyment in their sport or activity. 

Our typical client's goals may include running or racing 5k's, 10k's, half marathons as well as marathons or general fitness  / weight loss.

When it comes to youth sports, we have helped dozens of Central Ohio athletes prepare for their sports season by increasing their endurance, strength, agility and speed.

We excel at off-season sports conditioning. Our goal is to deliver each athlete to their team coach in great shape ready to start the season. I personally specialize in cross country and track holding several certifications.

Since 1998, I have lived and resided in Lewis Center, Ohio. Both of my children went to and graduated from Olentangy High School.

Coach Jessica Ely - Run For Perforance

Jess Ely
Certified Personal Trainer
Strength and Conditioning Coach

Hi, I’m Jess!
My love for fitness started 10+ years ago and has included a mix of everything—strength training, HIIT, boxing, yoga & running. To me fitness is about exploring potential, training strategically, challenging yourself and having fun! That’s how I train and it carries over to my coaching style. 
These days, my favorite workouts are designed to build strength and increase athleticism to support my running goals. In 2017, I earned my CPT-certification with NASM and recently re-certified with ISSA. Additionally, I am pursuing both a Nutrition Certification and a Strength & Conditioning Certification. 
I am excited to join the Run for Performance team and look forward to developing strength and conditioning programs, assisting trackside and helping athletes pursue their own athletic excellence.

Press and Media

We have been featured or quoted in several media outlets including:

WTTE Fox 28 - Good Day Columbus Interview

Running with confidence and getting started on the right foot

(WSYX/WTTE) Columbus, OH -- With more people working from home, more people than ever seem to be interested in running because they have more free time. Coach Steve Carmichael from Run for Performance joins Good Day Columbus to some words of advice before you lace up your running shoes!

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How To Start A Couch-to-5k Program

"A couch-to-5K program is an excellent way to ease yourself into an active lifestyle," says USA Track and Field-certified running coach Steve Carmichael, creator of

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3 Coach-Approved Breathing Strategies For Your Next Run

“Most breathing problems start with simply running too fast or too hard before our body is ready,” says Steve Carmichael, a USA Track and Field Level 1 and RRCA-certified running coach.

“When we start running, our body needs time to adapt. This adaptation starts almost immediately, but really gets noticeable after a few weeks and improvement continues for months to come. When we run too fast, or too hard, we put our body in a state of oxygen deficiency and run out of breath sooner. While there are times to push the intensity higher, the vast majority of runs should be conducted at a lower intensity, and slowing down helps our body build endurance. As we build endurance, our breathing gets easier.”

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Why You Need Interval Running in Your Fitness Routine

For beginners, interval running workouts may feel more accessible than going out for a steady-state run, says Steve Carmichael, a USA Track and Field and RRCA certified running coach.

“When a new runner starts, they often struggle to keep running without stopping,” he says. “Interval training allows a runner to work their way up to continue running in a progressive manner.”

“Interval running helps new runners take time to adapt to the rigors and impact of running as their muscles and bones adapt to the new activity,” Carmichael explains.

It’s not easy to build endurance, especially for new runners, says Carmichael.

“Endurance is best trained at lower heart rate zones — zone 2 and 3,” he explains. “New runners often struggle with keeping their heart rate in the lower zones as their cardiovascular system is still developing. [low to moderate intensity] interval running can help keep the heart rate from getting too high, thus assisting with the development of endurance.”