Soccer Coaching (SAQ)

Soccer players, regardless of skill level, must possess the ability to rapidly decelerate, cut, change direction and re-accelerate. And they have to do this while while reading the field and responding to team member and opponents play.

Total cost for Summer 2024 training is $498 for weekly 1:1 sessions starting the weekend of May 18th or 19th and continuing weekly until the weekend of July 27th/28th. We have several returning athletes who are currently wrapping up Spring sports like Track, so contact us as soon as possible to book your preferred, dedicated time slot from our available day/times. Historically, we are usually 100% full May 15th -August 1st.

At Run For Performance we work directly with your athlete to improve speed, agility, and quickness (via SAQ training) to help them on the playing field.

Specifically, we work with soccer players to improve their ability to:

  • perform explosive multi-directional movements
  • accelerate quickly
  • decelerate quickly
  • quickly change direction with proper balance, body position, posture and biomechanics 
  • decrease reaction time in game-play situations
  • improve fine motor skills
  • be in the right place at the right time to make the play
  • athletic mindset, mental toughness and confidence
  • basic ball handling skills (non-positional skills)

This leads to faster game play and improved confidence.

At Run For Performance, we work with individual athletes of any level on a 1:1 basis, as well as create custom packages for off-season team conditioning for your team or club.

All workouts/drills are customized based on age and skill level.

* We do not focus on teaching specific rules, or gameplay. We train for speed, agility and quickness.

Training targeted to support and mimic real game situations

All training is outdoors, weather permitting, on a field to simulate game surface / situations. Training includes a wide range of agility drills, plyometrics, speed drills, strength drills, form drills, sprinting and endurance drills.